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About Our Products

Photos The vast majority of websites use "stock images" to display their products.
In other words, you're shown a representative example of what the item looks like rather than a photo of the actual product offered for sale.

Others will actually take the time to photograph & list each and every individual item. The latter option is far more labor-intensive and therefore quite rare.

At Glass Paradise our vast inventory includes a combination of these two distinctively different listing formats, so we've created this interpretive page to further explain how both varieties of product are integrated here and why.

Custom - Made To Order Most of our products are manufactured right here at our Glass Paradise lampwork studio, which gives our buyers the unique advantage of color selection, and changing / adding various design elements to our custom blown items.

These products are easy to recognize because you'll see drop-down menus near the top of the item description allowing you to change the color, size, etc. When ordering a custom item please allow 5 - 7 days for your piece to be created and run through a full annealing cycle in our kiln. *This ensures optimal quality & durability.

Since these items are essentially "commissioned artwork" the images shown are only a representative example of the piece you will receive. *Rest assured all products sold on our website are backed by an iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Pre-Made - Unique Items We also have thousands of pre-fabricated products,
in-stock / ready to ship immediately. Besides being in their own separate categories, our pre-made items are easily identified by the words: "One-of-a-Kind" in the item description (you'll also notice that there are no custom options offered).

In the case of One-of-a-Kind items, we always take time to photograph each individual piece. So what you see is exactly what you'll get.

The Best Of Both Worlds By combining these two listing formats it is our goal to offer our visitors a totally unique shopping experience you won't find anywhere else.

A Word About 2nds Glassblowing is not a perfect science. Occasionally a piece will turn out asymmetrical, or somehow other than we had planned. These are categorized as 2nds or "second quality" pieces. There's nothing wrong with these other than the fact that we as artists feel that a particular piece has not satisfied our expectations.

As they say: "one persons trash is anothers treasure". So we've created a special category just for liquidating these oddballs & 2nds where you'll find some screamin' deals. Check it out...you may be surprised by what we consider to be sub-standard.

Special Requests If you ever see something on our website which you'd like more of, made in another color, or you'd like to see available as a wholesale lot please let us know. We're usually able to accommodate these requests as long as the product in question is the work of our in-house artists. Also, feel free to request new products you'd like added to our site. We're always open to suggestions of this nature.

Occasionally, if the item was made by one of our associate artists who's out traveling the festival circuit we may be temporarily unable to obtain / produce more. In any case it never hurts to ask.

Note: with all the spammers & viruses circulating on the internet these days we're very leery of opening email attachments. The best way to show us something you'd like more of is by sending us the URL (web address) of the item/s in question.

One thing we prefer NOT to do is replicating a piece of glass you've seen elsewhere. Each glassblower has their own unique style and product specialization. So if you like another artists work we wholeheartedly encourage you to support that artist rather than asking us to bite their style. This is simply a matter of ethics and courtesy among artists.

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