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Bella the Bulldog

In case you hadn't noticed... we LOVE English Bulldogs. Especially our best friend Bella!
Welcome to Bella's personal web page, where you'll finda glimpse of her leisurely lifestyle.
Up close & personal.
Bulldogs LOVE to run & play in the snow (none of thosepesky rocks to getstuck between their toes)!
Bella enjoys the view from her yard. The Black ranch is 100 acres surrouned by National Forest.
Bella isalways readyto go for a ride.She particularlyenjoys helping Glaucia drive our mobile glass studio!
Bulldogs are happy to take a short hikein the desert...as long as you bring plenty of water. Here she isexploring Joshua Tree National Park.
English Bulldogs ROCK!

More than anything Bella loves a good road trip, and we always take her along! Here she is at the Grand Canyon.

Bulldogs like to keep cool in the summertime. Here's Bella enjoying a dip in her swimming pool.

This is the most natural position for a Bulldog... working "guard duty".
Ourwonderful companion came to usthrough a special needs rescue organization. Sadly, due to the breeding program they've come from, purebred English Bulldogs are prone to an arrayof health problems.
At three years old Bella had repiratory issues requiringa costly pallet surgery which her previous owner supposedly could not afford, so she had been dumped at a shelter. *A fresh cesarian scar indicated that she'd recently had puppies.

The shelter where she was initially surrendered had her examined by their vet, who was of the opinion that she should be put to sleep. Fortunately, the staff decided to contact a special needs rescue (Love 4 K-9s) and that's where we found Bella.
Shewas truly a sad sight when we adopted her. Teeming with fleas,bald patches all over her body, eyes totally clouded with an opaque white appearance, inter-digital cysts swollen between all her toes, chronic infections in her ears and bladder, hips so painful she could barely walk (probably from being locked in a crate all the time with no excercise). To top it all off, the bulldog charachteristic roll of skin above her nose was so enormous it prevented her from breathing through her nose! Yes, I know it sounds crazy... but our bulldog needed a face lift. LOL!
It's unknown what her diet consisted of before, but after switching her diet over to Natural Life - Adult Lamaderm kibble (topped with home cooked lamb and brown rice stew) we noticed a PROFOUND improvement in her physical condition. In just a few weeks her eyes cleared up completely, allowing her to see again, andshe grew back a luxuriant shiny coat.
With a little research, we located a Bulldog speacialist: "Dr. Butchko" in So. California. Who's helped her to stay in tip-top condition ever since. The most important thing he's taught us is that overweight bulldogs suffer terribly due to back & hip problems. After shedding fifteen pounds, her arthritic waddle has transformed into bounding energy. She literally runs now, and leaps into the air when she's excited.
I am so sorry this cute little bullyhad to spendher first three years with an owner who clearly was notsensitive tothe special needs of this breed. We feelextremely fortunateto have her with us now. Working out ofa home-based studio/ officemakes usthe perfect companions forher.
Talk about a coincidence... Shortlyafter we adopted her, we receivedBella's papers in the mail, includingcomplete medical records. It turns out that she was born on our wedding day!!! Yes, she'sundoubtedly the best present either of us could have ever imagined.
We love our English Bully dearly, so I cannot speak out against the breeding program without sounding a hypocryte. However, I beesech you PLEASE before you pay thousands of dollars for a puppy, consider adopting a rescued bulldog like Bella. There's no shortage of pets who were purchased because they were "cute" but when the time came for responsibility, they were cast off or even destroyed. You can find them through petfinder.com or dozens of bulldog rescue organizations across the country. It's easy...Click Here to see a Google search for bulldog rescue.

Just because a puppy looks "perfect" there's no way to be certain the characteristic bulldog health issues won't arise in the future. I personally believe you're better off with a mature bulldog just so you can make an informed decision. Bottom line: you MUST be prepared to attend to the special needs which are inherent with this breed. For those ready to accept this responsibility, your bulldog will reward your special care in tenfold with their priceless love and companionship.

Ok, now it's naptime.More Bulldogadventures coming soon...
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