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Home>How To Use A Reed Diffuser

How To Use A Reed Diffuser

You will need:
  1. A vessel
  2. Reeds
  3. Fragrance oil
The Container
A small glass bottle works the best, but any vessel will work (as long as itwill contain the fragrance oils without leaking).Use your imagination...almost everyone has some sort of ceramic, or glass bottle/ bud vasearound the house which will make a perfect reed diffuser. If not we offer a great selection of art glass diffusers specifically designed for this purpose.
We've seenpeople selling all kinds of "diffuser reeds", ranging from bamboo to shishkabob skewers. LOL! What these folks are missing is that it's not just about the look, or shape. For optimal diffusion you really need to be using Rattan. The unique honeycomb structure of rattan reeds allows wicking tocarry the oils UP out of the vessel, where they can be diffused into your personal environment.
Our customers often ask: "CanI cut the reeds"? The answer is: YES absolutely! In fact, trimming the reeds to various lengths (rather than having them all the same length) can create a beautiful "spray" effect.
Fragrance Oils
When it comes to fragrance oil selection,we haveencountereda fewdifferentschools of thought:
Most commercial "fragrance oils" for use in diffusers & such, are diluted withsome sort ofthinning agent. This can be cosmetic grade DPG (DiPropyline Glycol) which is commonly used tothin theoils for incense, etc.
For turbo-charged diffusion, we've even seen someblends containing perfumers alcohol!
On the other end of the spectrum,there are aromatherapy purists who adamantly prefer all-natural essential oils (a grade suitablefor homeopathic applications). While the essential oils do workquite wellina diffuser...thisroute can becostly, asyou will needapprox. 2 - 4 ounces of fluid for use in a reed diffuser.
Due to the aforementioned factors, we'verefrained fromventuring into thefragrance oil arena just yet... Instead,leaving fragrance selection up to your own personal preference, and the numerous suppliers who already offer a cornucopia of scents.
Ambient fragrance diffusers scent your home without the fire hazards associated with burning candles or incense.

It's easy to create your own smokeless diffuser. All you need is a vessel, reed sticks, and fragrance oil. You'll be amazed how well these reeds work.

Just pour some of your favorite fragrance oil inside a vessel and insert the reed sticks. The oil will be absorbed by the reeds, drawn up and diffused naturally into your personal environment. Flip the reeds to release a fresh burst of fragrance.

We are proud to offer the highest quality reed refills available for use with your diffuser. Buy with confidence. Our reed sticks are the genuine article. You can see the honeycomb structure (below) which allows our reeds to wick faster resulting in optimal diffusion.

~Brightest Blessings~
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