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Nag Champa SUPER HIT Stick Incense 15g. box
Nag Champa SUPER HIT Stick Incense 15g. box
Nag Champa SUPER HIT Stick Incense 15g. box
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You will receive one 15 gram box of FRESH authentic Super Hit incense (15 sticks total). Plus there's a sample of Satya Natural in every pack! See photo above.

Satya Sai Baba has produced another truly amazing incense stick. One of the best Indian Incense in the world, second only to Nag Champa, Super Hit is a fragrant blend rich Indian Spices and exotic floral essences. This earthy, sweet, aromatic scent is guaranteed to impress the most discerning incense lover.

Resins & florals for tranquility and quiet moments.

Incense is an art, the ancient art of blending together fragrant gifts of nature into forms conducive for transport and release. Resins, herbs, spices, oils, flowers, leaves, barks and more are gathered and combined to create incense.

Just light the tip, blow it out and be transported - unlock and release these treasures of nature into your atmosphere. Incense stimulates and heightens the senses. The many uses of incense... to awaken and for pleasant dreams, to vitalize and to sooth, to heal and calm the emotions, to center the mind and enhance meditation, to uplift and energize, to clear scattered thoughts and be at peace.

This ultra moist, long lasting Indian masala incense will create an atmosphere conducive for meditation, yoga, wicca, or any time that one wants to simply enjoy its pleasant aroma.

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Stock up your personal supply & share with your friends.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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