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Home>Aromatherapy>Oil Dabber Wands
These elegant oil dabber wands are made with hypoallergenic borosilicate glass. Designed to transfer small amounts of fragrance oil for body, bath, aromatherapy, etc. Just dip the point, and the oil will slowly run down and form a drop at the tip of the dabber.

Use a dabber with our Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Sandalwood Fragrance Oil, or any perfume / oils.

Borosilicate glass has a higher reaction point to heat, so these dabbers also work excellent for stirring molten incense resins in your censer / thurible. Easily burn off any residue with a flame & wipe clean.

For thousands of years fragrance oils have been a sacred element of worship. Commonly used in temples, ashrams, churches and mosques as well as in the home to purify and sweeten the atmosphere. Enjoy!

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