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Shipping & Tracking Info.

Incense and pre-made glass items normally ship within 24 - 48 hours (1 - 2 business days).

Please allow 5 - 7 days for the creation of custom made-to-order glass items.

To view order status / track your package once it's shipped, login to: My Account > Track Recent Orders > View Details > click on tracking # to activate the USPS Tracking Tool

If you track shortly after a custom glass order was placed, and it's showing: "electronic notification received from shipper", but no additional tracking scans, this means it's currently in our custom order que, pending shipment.

Once your package is en route you should see additional scans as it passes through our regional postal hub in San Bernardino CA, then marking it's way to your state / city. This includes notification of misrouting / attempted delivery / "address unknown" issues, etc.

FYI: anytime we receive a phone call or email enquiry regarding the status of a shipped order, we actually login to your customer acct. and use the USPS Tracking Tool to see where your package is. We're certainly happy to assist, but also want to make sure you're aware of this handy feature which is built into the Glass Paradise website for your convenience, and available 24/7.

The USPS does not guarantee that packages will be scanned at any point in the delivery chain (other than a final delivery scan by your carrier). However, we have found that they usually scan packages a few times along the way, which can yield some very useful information. Especially when your carrier has "left notice for pickup" ... a notice you never saw ... and then Delivery Confirmation tracking allows us to see that your box is just sitting at the post office, and not lost or stolen.

In regard to shipping time, probably the #1 source of misunderstanding stems from the fact that we offer custom made-to-order items, along with the many pre-made items on our website. When ordering custom, we ask that you please allow 5 - 7 days for the creation of your piece. In other words... USPS shipping estimates pertain only to shipping time, not the total production / shipping turnaround time on your order.

Example: custom knitting needles + express shipping does not = "custom express". All pre-paid custom work is completed in the order received, and then shipped via the postage class selected.

We're a small business offering some very unique products & services. Of course we're always striving to establish and maintain a positive brand identity. The last thing we want is for anyone to be bummed out, or feeling disappointed with Glass Paradise. After all, we don't have a million dollar advertising budget to broadcast fictitious testimonials and such, so genuine "organic" friend & neighbor word-of-mouth advertising is truly our bread and butter. As the old saying goes... one "oh-oh" cancels out a dozen "atta-boy's".

Therefore, we've done our best to interpret these special nuances of our inventory / website to you, in hopes of avoiding any confusion regarding these matters. For additional info. / how to identify a "custom" item on our website: please read About our Products.

If you're in a big hurry: please stick with our pre-made items, which are ready to ship (usually within 24 - 48 hrs). In the case of an inventory error: we will amend your purchase order, and refund the difference (we do not back order out of stock items). Shipping times posted on our website are estimates provided by the United States Postal Service. Actual shipping time may vary, due to a range of variables including: adverse weather conditions, product availability etc.

As a general rule of thumb: we encourage you to order in a timely fashion to avoid delays caused by production or shipping. Please use the "comments" field at checkout, alerting us to any special circumstances or time constraints. By informing us of your "deadline" we will be able to immediately evaluate our custom order que, promptly advise you if it's simply not do-able, and release the funds so you can make other plans right away.

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